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Breville Tea Kettle

A Guide to Electric Teapots and Kettles

As all tea lovers are aware, the secret to having that perfect cup of tea is to know the right method of tea brewing, and that requires the right equipment. A very important part is played by such things as: water temperature, steeping time, the equipment, quality of the loose tea leaves and the quality of … [Read More...]

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puerh tea cake

Tea Cliffsnotes — Pu-erh

The People’s Republic of China is known for its fine assortment of teas, but perhaps none is more coveted than pu-erh. The one-of-a-kind, large leaves hail from the Yunnan Province’s famed tea region, which is … [Read More...]

Famous Quotes on Tea

Many of history’s greatest minds - from philosophers and writers to politicians - harbored a strong affinity for tea. To them, the beverage served to elevate their mood, give them focus, and (after a full day of … [Read More...]