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Book Review: The Way of Tea, by Aaron Fisher

Way of Tea by Aaron Fisher

Way of Tea by Aaron FisherTo avid tea enthusiasts, diagnosis tea is not just a beverage…it’s a way of life. Tea embodies serenity, purity, and so much more to those who are aware of the subtleties of tea. In a “plugged-in” world, where all is set in a fast pace and people no longer have time to really slow down and enjoy life, finding balance and peace is a precious thing. Aaron Fisher, in his book The Way of Tea: Reflections on a Life with Tea, shows modern readers how it is possible to still find that serenity in life in simple things like drinking tea.

This is one of my favorite books, one that I continually re-visit. It’s the book I always pack in my bag when headed to the mountains or the beach for vacation (alongside Edward Weston’s Daybooks).

Aaron Fisher is a known tea expert and he has authored this book to enlighten tea enthusiasts about how tea can be a part of their daily existence, as well as the wondrous effects that tea brings. His writings and artwork are inspired by his desire to spread Cha Dao, promote tradition and “further the use of the Leaf as a spiritual medicine and foster environmental awareness among tea lovers.”

In this book, it is emphasized how people of today’s society do not have to be tea masters nor do they have to pick their own tea leafs to enjoy the benefits of tea for both the mind and the body. Tea drinking can be taken as a path that allows a person to experience peace and relaxation.

Apart from being a healthy drink, the author very eloquently outlines how drinking and appreciating tea can be a method to achieve enlightenment and serenity. Reaching a new level of spirituality and calm can be possible depending on how a person views a cup of tea and includes it in his or her life. This is why reading this wonderful work by Aaron Fisher can be truly beneficial for those who seek new meaning from every cup of tea they take. Experiencing tea in a new light and experiencing the calming practices that tea drinking brings is possible when you lose yourself in the pages of this book.

I highly recommend this book to those who want to find a whole new meaning and appreciation with the “way of tea.”

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