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“Talking Tea” with Jen Piccotti of An International Tea Moment

Talking tea JenPiccotti

“Talking Tea” is a weekly feature where I check-in with some of my favorite tea people online.

This week we feature Jen Piccotti from An International Tea Moment:

Q. Jen, can you tell us a bit about why you started An International Tea Moment, and what you like most about running the blog?

A. I first started my tea blog when my oldest daughter was born. It was a creative outlet for me, something that I could control, when the rest of my world felt so chaotic and unpredictable. I wrote simply for my own enjoyment and sanity, and it was mostly memories of tea moments I had experienced around the world with different friends and family.

I was surprised when I realized people were actually reading it. Then tea companies started reaching out and asking if they could send me tea to try. I felt like I had won the lottery! I think now the thing I enjoy most is connecting with such a variety of interesting people who enjoy the simple pleasure of tea… and also receiving samples of some of the most amazing teas in the world!

Q. What is one of your favorite “tea moments?”

A. One of my favorites is the first time my oldest daughter suggested having a tea party with me. She was 4 years old at the time. It was so sweet to experience that with her and imagine future “moments” as she grows up. A Persian Princess Moment.

Q. What general advice or tips would you have for someone that is new to tea?

A. Try different things and then enjoy what you like. If you like fruity teas, explore those. If you enjoy teas that smell flowery, try some floral blends. There’s no way to do it ‘wrong.’  Drink what you like and don’t be afraid to try something new when you have the opportunity.

Q. What post are you most proud of on your blog?

 A. I had just been introduced to Joseph Wesley Tea and was completely in love with the entire concept of the company. The focus is on black teas (which is exactly what I enjoy most), and their website, packaging, every detail was absolutely stunning. And then there was the tea itself! It was the first Lapsang Souchong I’ve ever enjoyed, which is amazing in and of itself. Mind blowing. So, the day came when the blog post was to be published, and part of the introduction I had written focused on how such a refined tea company could spring from the gritty streets of Detroit. As it turned out, the day it was published was the day that the city would find out if it would remain in bankruptcy protection or not. So, Detroit was a hot topic online, and therefore that post has the all-time record for traffic on my blog. A Detroit Moment a.k.a. A Serendipitous Moment.

Q. Tell us about the most recent cup of tea you had, and why you chose it.

A. Today I reached for an old standby, Romanoff, by American Tea Room. I’ve loved this tea for years. It’s a bold black tea blend with a hint of blood orange. When I know I have a lot to accomplish in a day, it’s one of a select few that I reach for consistently.

Q. Do you have any recommended tea websites or blogs for our readers to check out?

A. Where to begin? There are so many great tea bloggers and tea websites out there. I’ll limit myself to 3 for the time being. These three bloggers will be my fellow panelists at the World Tea Expo in May where we will be presenting “Amplifying Your Business Voice Through Tea Bloggers” on May 6th.

You can find Jen and An International Tea Moment at the following links:

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  1. I was thrilled to find this: definitely an interview with one of the best of the tea bloggers.
    When I get asked “which review of your tea is the your favourite” I always name The Person Princess Moment mentioned above.,

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