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Tea: A History of the Drink that Changed the World

Tea is undoubtedly a drink loved all over the world, sovaldi and because of this it has been appreciated in many different cultures. Tea is served in many different fashions, is enjoyed either hot or cold, has travelled all over the world and has charmed the hearts of many people. In Laura Martin’s book Tea: The Drink that Changed the World, she enlightens readers with the fascinating journey of tea, and how it has helped achieve positive effects in the world as we know it today.

This book offers a comprehensive study of tea, with a focus on how it has evolved and its immeasurable value across civilizations.

This is a great book for those seeking a bit of a “thriller” behind the story of tea — as it touches on exploration, espionage, diplomacy, and competition…all revolving around tea. The author also gets very specific about the nuances of tea manufacturing.

Some specific examples from the book include details about why ancient tea caddies required locks, what Confucian contemporaries thought about tea, and the different points of view among various cultures with regards to tea drinking and tea ceremonies.

This is a great book for those interested in learning more about the history of tea, as well as for those more seasoned tea aficionados that want to expand their collection of books about tea.

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